Thursday, 19 April 2012

Which Footworks Item Do I Need?

The Footworks range has brand NEW packaging that makes everything easy to identify.

AVON have Split the products in to different ranges

Green = Healthy Treatments to help solve specific foot problems
Blue = Beautiful pampering products for softer feet
Purple = Lavender is designed soothe and soften

Footworks Beautiful Lavender Comfort Soak 
The comfort soak cleanses, conditions and revitalizes tired and achy feet. It soothes in to your feet  leaving your feet smelling of lavender

Footworks Beautiful Lavender Comforting 3 In 1 Mask 
The Beautiful Lavender Comforting 3 In 1 mask will help exfoliate dry skin and improve your skin softness

Footworks Beautiful Lavender Foot and leg spray 
The foot and leg spray will help to cool and deodorise your feet with a lavender scent

Footworks Beautiful Lavender Overnight Cream 
The Overnight footworks cream will hydrate your skin overnight and will leave your feet soft, smooth and rejuvenated

Beautiful Overnight Renewing Cream
The overnight renewing cream works over night to leave your feet feeling soft and hydrated in the morning

Beautiful Heel Softening Cream
The Heel softening cream will help relieve excessively dry heels with 24 hour motorisation 

Beautiful Anti-Rub Stick
The Anti-Rub stick helps relieve rubbing and friction which may cause blisters

Footworks Beautiful Foot Souffle
Use The footworks Beautiful  foot souffle on your feet and legs to leave your skin feeling instantly moisturised

Healthy Pumice Cream
Rub the pumice cream on to your feet and leave on 60 seconds then wipe off to reveal beautifully soft skin

Healthy All-Day Foot Deodorant Cream
The deodorant contains peppermint oil to help mask foot odours

Healthy Intensive Callus Cream
The Intensive Callus cream will significantly improves the look and feel of dry callused feet
Healthy Odour Neutralising Foot Spray
The cooling and refreshing foot spray can be used on feet and shoes

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