Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Footworks Mint and Aloe Range

Check out the  NEW addition to Avon’s Foot Works family, the Mint and Aloe range, ideal for getting your feet ready for the summer

So what do we need to do to have our feet ready for Summer?

  • Exfoliate. Use “Beautiful” Mint and Aloe Exfoliating Scrub – rub onto your feet in a circular motion, to smooth away dead skin cells and rough skin.
  • Soften. Use “Beautiful” Mint and Aloe Cooling Lotion – cover your feet in the quickly absorbing lotion, which leaves skin looking and feeling moisturised.
  • Refresh. Use “Beautiful” Mint and Aloe Cooling Spray – spray onto tired feet, to make them feel revived and smelling fresh.

 Available from brochure 11 onwards

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