Monday, 7 May 2012

Genics Range

All women would like to make time go backwards and look 10 years younger Avon can help all women who wish to gain a more youthful appearance with ANEW Genics! 
ANEW Genics Eye Treatment

It is important to use an eye cream as the eye area is typically the first places to start showing the signs of ageing. You can visibly reduce the signs of ageing around your eyes genics can take years of you 

You should use Anew Genics Eye Treatment every morning and evening.

1. Use your index finger to gently pat the cream under the eye until it is fully absorbed.
2. Continue over the top of the eye lid and along the brow bone. 

ANEW Genics Treatment Cream

The Anew Genics treatment cream should be used as part of your night time skin care regimen. Genics takes the place of your night moisturiser cream, i.e it will replace the night cream you are using. The Anew Genics should be applied after cleansing. 
You can use Genics on your under eye area and crow’s feet, but you should avoid using it on your eyelids.

If you are using products from the Anew Clinical line you can incorporate Anew Genics into your routine by applying Genics after your Clinical products. The general rule of thumb is to apply your products from lightest texture to thickest texture. 

ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate
The Anew Genics treatment concentrate should be incorporated in to your day and night skin care routine , you should use the concentrate before you put your day or night cream on.

You can use the concentrate both day and night or just during the day or just at night. The concentrate can be used with the treatment cream and eye cream

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