Sunday, 10 June 2012

ANEW Ultimate 7S

Cleansing Cream (125 ml)
A Gentle formula that removes your daily makeup and cleanses your skin, leaving it hydrated, revitalised and healthy looking. It also reduces deep wrinkles and age spots.

Apply all over your face and neck in the morning and evening followed by The Ultimate Day Cream in the morning and the Ultimate Night Cream in an Evening 

Ultimate anew 7S Day Cream SPF 25 (50 ml)
This Moisturising day cream minimises the visible signs of ageing, including loss of firmness and dry skin. Formulated with Pro Technology 7Sirtuin and unique fragrance.

Apply on clean Skin , face and neck each morning 

Anew Ultimate Night Cream (50 ml)
This Night Cream with lush with 7Sirtuin Technology Pro, which makes the skin firmer and restore its natural elasticity and gives you a more fulfilled look.
Apply on clean skin, face and neck each evening  

Night Gold emulsion (50 ml)
This has a pleasant fragrance, with emulsion visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and restores optimal levels of hydration.
Apply on clean skin , face and neck each evening , instead of the usual night cream 

Ulti-minute Lifts complex (30 ml)

This is Ideal for those who want noticeable results in less than one minute. The formula that contains lush and beaded Technology 7S exclusive Avon, stimulates youth proteins, reducing the appearance of fine lines and minimises the visible signs of sagging, leaving the skin rejuvenated, renewed and reformed.
Apply to clean skin in upward and outward motion once a day.

Eye Cream

The Eye Cream is a system with double formula Cream and Eye Balm formulated with Avon's exclusive technology. Minimises the visible signs of ageing and gives firmness, smoothness and luminosity to the skin.

Apply the cream around the top and bottom of the eyes and crow's feet, morning and evening. Apply the ointment in the crow's feet and the bottom contour of the eyes every night.

 Ultimate 7S elixir face (30 ml)
A Serum moisturiser that works in harmony with the remaining product line, to leave skin firm and elastic, with a look full of vitality. With Pro Technology 7Sirtuin.

Smooth onto face and throat every morning and evening before your ANEW day or night cream.


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