Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hannahs AVON Service

I'm Hannah an Independent AVON Representative In the Huddersfield area
If you would like an AVON Brochure please contact me with your details and I will deliver an AVON brochure to your house ASAP


How To Order
  • Fill in your order form and leave your AVON brochure outside for my to collect. Please see slip in front of your Brochure for collecting day.    
  • Email your to Please state Product numbers and deception

  • You can now order online from my Personal Online Brochure. To Order this way click on the brochure on the right hand side it will take you to my online personal Brochure then click on the brochure image to open it and add which items you would like to the basket

Q. I have missed brochure collection day.
A Phone or email me to arrange another collection day
Q.i have missed something off MY order, 
A. Contact me by phone or email and i will add any items you need to your order
Q.I have lost my Brochure.
A. Contact me by phone or email and i will drop another brochure off
Q.Can I change my Delivery day or time?
A. Yes Please contact me to arrange a different delivery day or time

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