Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shine Attract Lipstick

This dual formula lipstick looks fantastic and has an hydrating gel that gives your lips shine. It feels so light on your lips and is infused with vitamin E

Luxury shining silver packaging, with a high quality finish, for a truly premium look

The Clear Outer Gel - Instantly moisturises and gives lips a smooth, subtle shine without the stickiness

The Colour Inner Core - Lightweight, lasting vibrant colour, which gives medium-full coverage

Available in 10 colours

Rose Bouquet P2Rose Bouquet P2
Happy Pink P4Happy Pink P4
Mysterious Mauve P101Mysterious Mauve P101
Natural Glow P103Natural Glow P103
Plumberry P201Plumberry P201
Orchid P202Orchid P202
Cherry Pie P301Cherry Pie P301
Passionate Red P302Passionate Red P302
Guava P401Guava P401
Copper Connection P502Copper Connection P502

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