Friday, 24 August 2012

Planet Spa Turkish Thermal

With Purifying Amber & Black Olive Extract - Escape to the Tranquility of the Black Sea & Delight in an At Home Traditional Turkish Bath to Cleanse & Soothe The Soul.

Inspired by Turkish Treatment Routines that will Transport You to an Exotic Escape while Removing Impurities like Dirt & Oil.

Turkish Thermal Baths - Purifying Rhassoul Clay Face Mask
Lifts Out Dirt & Removes Oil within minutes.

Turkish Thermal Baths - Purifying Black Soap
Removes Impurities from Skin.

Turkish Thermal Baths - Body, Hair, Nail & Bath Oil
Versatile Oil that can be used on Body, Hair, Nails & in Baths.

The Turkish Thermal Baths Regime:

1 - Scrub the Black Soap over Wet Skin to Cleanse & Purify, then Rinse.

2 - Add a Few Drops of the Bath & Body Oil into a Hot Bath to Sumptuously Moisture Skin.

3 - Cover Face in the Clay Face Mask & Rinse Off when it Changes Colour to Reveal Beautifully Clean Skin.

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