Sunday, 28 October 2012


Invigorating Scrub provides a cooling sensation on contact, and leaves skin looking visibly tighter.

Massage gently using circular motions, then rinse thoroughly.

Fragranced gel with Ice Sculpt Technology helps to tighten skin the moment you apply.


Massage into skin using circular motions until fully absorbed.

Cellu-Sculpt 3x Tri-Roller Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Body treatment with tri-rollerball massaging applicator, which helps to reduce the look of cellulite and help boost skin's microcirculation.

Massage into skin for 5 minutes, twice daily. Use in conjunction with regular exercise and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Helps to target the most stubborn cellulite.. With Starfruit Complex - which in in-vitro tests has shown to break down fat so the size of fat cells shrinks.


Massage thoroughly into thighs, tummy and hips twice twice daily. Use in conjunction with regular exercise and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Stretchmark 24 Line Reducing Treatment

Formulated to visibly reduce the length, depth and number of stretch marks.

Dramatically reduces the look of stretch mark discolorations and improve their texture.

Lift & Firm Bust Liquid Bra Toning Gel

Advance gel formula helps the bust to feel firmer and more toned after just 1 week.

Solutions Cellu-Break

Break Away From Cellulite With Solutions Cellu-Break With Coffee Bean Extract And Hawthorn Fruit 

Solutions Cellu Break

Solutions Stretch-mark 24 Line Reducing Treatment

Solutions Stretchmark 24 Line Reducing Treatment

Helps Reduce the appearance of stretchmarks whilst helping to reduce the possibility of new stretchmarks from forming. With luminescent light reflectors to help even the look of skin tone

Solutions Butt Lifting treatment

Lift Your Behind

Formulated with lift and tone complex and elastin boosting peptides to help lift and sculpt the buttock area for a noticeably firmer behind, in as little as 3 days . Contains bitter orange extract

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