Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing

With Nourishing African Shea Butter & Brown Sugar - Transport yourself to the Heart of Africa & Treat your Body to a Restoring & Calming Oasis of Blissful Nourishment.

Nourishes Your Dry Hair & Skin from Head to Toe.

Blissfully Nourishing - Hand, Elbow & Foot Cream

Blissfully Nourishing - Hand & Foot Scrub

Blissfully Nourishing - Hair Mask

Blissfully Nourishing - Intense Balm

The Blissfully Nourishing Regime:

1 - Massage the Hair Mask into Wet Hair for Deep Nourishment, then Rinse.

2 - Smooth the Hand, Elbow & Foot Cream into Dry Skin as the Luxurious Formula Instantly Softens & Smooths.

3 - Rub the Intense Balm into Extra Dry Skin or Lips for Deep Moisturisation.

Blissfully Nourishing Body Butter

My Rich Butter will envelop skin in blissful nourishmen

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