Friday, 12 July 2013

Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration

With Moisturising Mediterranean Olive Oil - Retreat to the Mediterranean & Feel Body Beautiful with a Kiss of Decadent Hydration for Face, Body & Hair.

Makes Skin Feel Moisturised & Replenished for up to 24 Hours.

Heavenly Hydration Hair Mask
Leaves Dry, Damaged Hair feeling Soft, Silky & Smooth.

Heavenly Hydration Face Mask
Replenishes Skin's Essential Moisture.

Heavenly Hydration Hot Oil Hair Treatment
Conditions Hair to leave it Shiny & More Manageable.

Heavenly Hydration Facial Oil
Lighweight Oil to Moisturise & Help Restore Skin's Natural Radiance.

Heavenly Hydration Moisturising Body Cream
With Moisturising Beads for Soft, Silky Skin.

The Heavenly Hydration Regime:

1 - Apply the Indulgent Hair Mask to Wet Hair, Leave for a Few Minutes & Rinse to Reveal Luscious, Silky Soft Locks.

2 - Rub my Lush Facial Oil all over Face for Intense Moisture to Enhance Skin's Natural Radiance.

3 - Smother Skin in the Rich Moisturiser from Head to Toe for All Day, Luxurious Hydration..

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