Friday, 12 July 2013

Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying

With Dead Sea Salt & Dead Sea Mud - Experience the Exfoliating Properties of The Dead Sea & Awaken Your Body to Indulgently Purified Skin.

Exfoliates to Remove Dry or Dead Skin, Improving the Appearance of Skin & Pores.

Perfectly Purifying Body Scrub
Exfoliates & Pampers.

Perfectly Purifying Face Scrub
Exfoliates & Cleanses.

Perfectly Purifying Face Mask
Removes Dead Skin Cells to Reveal New Skin.

The Perfectly Purifying Regime:

1 - Work the Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub all over Face & Rinse for Beautifully Revitalised Skin.

2 - Smother Face in the Face Mask, Leave for a Few Minutes as it Purifies Skin, then Rinse.

3 - Lather the Pampering Body Scrub all over Wet Skin & Rinse to Reveal Velvety Smooth Skin.

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