Thursday, 23 January 2014

AVON Active - Stretch And Flex

Stretch And Flex

Before your start

You should always start your fitness routine in the gym with a warm-up. It ill also improve your flexibility, make you more mobile and help your performance!

A good example is doing some stretches. Take care to stretch your arms, legs, back and neck followed by 5-10 minutes of light exercise like brisk walking, jogging or cycling 

Stretch Band
Stretchy elasticated band ideal for pre-workout stretching or yoga. Can be used to stretch all parts of the body. 
Polyester and elastic.
Approx 30cm x 13cm x 4cm unscratched

How To Use

Step 1 - Place your hand or foot into the loop and gently pull to create stretch and resistance.
Step 2 - The more you pull, the greater the stretch. Find a starting level that's comfortable for you and gradually work to increase

Active Waist Belt

Adjustable exercise belt to help speed up water loss. 
Hook and eye fastening.
Neoprene and polyester
Approx 101cm x 19.5cm

How To Use
Step 1 - Roll the relative bands around your waist or thighs
Step 2 - Wear them during a work-out over tight vest and leggings

Active Thigh Wraps

Set of 2. Neoprene and polyester
Approx 51cm x 17.5cm x 0.23cm each.
Hook and eye fastening

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