Thursday, 23 January 2014

AVON Active - Tone and Tighten

Cadio exercise, such as walking, jogging or swimming, raises your heart, improves your circulation and develops your heart and lungs. Interval training in a good way to burn fat quickly .
Try Jogging for one minute followed by walking for another minute. Repeat this 5 more times and you'll have completed your first interval training workout 
Avon Active Toning Wheel

Toning Wheel
Plastic fitness wheel in various exercises to help tone the arms, back and abdominals
Approx Size 17.5cm x 25cm

How To Use
Step 1 - kneel on the floor and hold the toning wheel handles
Step 2 - Roll the wheel forwards and stretch your body to a comfortable distance
Step 3 - Roll the wheel backwards to your starting position, then repeat exercise
A plastic spherical fitness ball, used in various exercises to help tone and build strength in arms and shoulders. Approx sizr 7.2cm x 5.4cm 
This is not intended for children

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